Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yucca Valley Photographer - Katie's Sr. Session in Temecula, CA

This girl is so much fun! She was up for anything I suggested, and she also gave some great ideas herself. We actually took these pictures in Temecula on Thanksgiving, and it was so perfect because the place was empty, and we had a great light with a wonderful cloud cover!
So, Katie loves mustaches. While at her house, I saw 2 bumper stickers on her car with mustaches, one taped to her computer monitor and mouse, and a huge mustache pillow on her bed. So that picture with her making a mustache with the flower just cracks me up! I had so much fun taking these photos, I didn't even want to stop when our Thanksgiving dinner was ready to eat. I think I could of gone all day. Thanks Katie! It was great hanging out with you:)

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