Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yucca Valley Photographer - Katie's Sr. Session in Temecula, CA

This girl is so much fun! She was up for anything I suggested, and she also gave some great ideas herself. We actually took these pictures in Temecula on Thanksgiving, and it was so perfect because the place was empty, and we had a great light with a wonderful cloud cover!
So, Katie loves mustaches. While at her house, I saw 2 bumper stickers on her car with mustaches, one taped to her computer monitor and mouse, and a huge mustache pillow on her bed. So that picture with her making a mustache with the flower just cracks me up! I had so much fun taking these photos, I didn't even want to stop when our Thanksgiving dinner was ready to eat. I think I could of gone all day. Thanks Katie! It was great hanging out with you:)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yucca Valley Family Photographer - Jones-Poland Family Session

I love taking these little girls pictures!!! Every time I've been to their house for a session, I get so much joy out of being around all of them. They're so girly and full of life! And I was so happy to meet the new addition to the family, Daphne. She is a such a cutie pie, just like her 3 sisters.
The girls showed off their piano playing skills, and dancing skills for me. I was very impressed. Especially the piano playing skills of little Penelope, who is 3. The picture below of her playing the piano is one of my favorites. I love the look on her face and her chubby little fingers on the keys, so precious! I found myself smiling over the past week as I sat here and edited they're pictures. They're all so cute, and they made my heart happy as I stared at they're cute little faces! Thanks for having me guys! Click HERE for the gallery

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yucca Valley Family Photography Session - Zietz Family

This session was so great! Nicole has been my hairdresser for almost 10 years (and does an awesome job, by the way) and we got together for a family session last weekend down at the preserve. Like I always say in November, this is the best time of year down there! It's just beautiful, and the colors in the leaves and bushes are so pretty! I just love it! And this was such a cute family to photograph too, I had a lot of fun:) Thanks guys! Click HERE for the gallery.